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Vegan Environmental Plant a Tree Shirt
Environmental Kids t-shirt
Vegan Kids Eco Tshirt
Plant a Tree For Me || Kids T-shirt
Plant a Tree For Me || Kids T-shirt

Plant a Tree For Me || Kids T-shirt

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Make the Earth Green again

Planting Trees for our kids is a great gift, & with this shirt your child can be proud to promote the earths natural beauty and strength.

Story behind the shirt

As our world grows, the trees disappear, and a future without trees gets ever closer. With this t-shirt we wanted to show who the trees are for and that our future generations need and deserve to have trees.

Shirt Specs:
100% Cotton
Earthling Child and Local Artist Design
Printed in Australia
Vegan Screen Print
Chemical Free Ink
Cruelty Free
Ethically Made
Colourfast- Fade Free
Double strength sleeves and hems
Easy wash and wear

Sizing Guide: