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Well, here we are

4 years ago, I would never have thought we’d end up here. A Family of 5 Going Vegan, Yikes!!

Coming from a Maltese family, meat was always on the menu. I had always loved animals and as a child wanted to be vegetarian, but that wasn’t an ok thing in my family. And I loved meat... in my mind I didn’t associate animals with meat (I know, I know, odd).

Fast forward 25 odd years, 1 marriage and 3 kids later. Something clicked and suddenly being vegan wasn’t a maybe is had to happen. Transitioning to a vegan diet, coming from what we were eating wasn’t easy to start with, especially with a major meat-eating husband and 3 picky kids.

Over time, trial and a lot of error (first thought… seriously how the f do you scramble tofu?), we did it.

The struggles turned to ease and pride and my children, well they wanted to share that pride but we didn’t think any of the products on the market were fully child friendly, so we created Earthling Child. 

Our Plans

Along with growing our business and our T-shirt line (OMG so excited just wait) we want to offer a place for other vegan or vegan curious families to feel safe and assured.

Earthling Child will be doing a weekly newsletter and YouTube video discussing topics on Family, kids, being vegan and the world around us.

 We hope to make a Vegan Parents and kid community where being vegan isn’t odd, questions are always heard and everyone, no matter the parenting style (mine is yelling… a lot) is accepted.

Xx. Earthling Child mum, Sally
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