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Vegan Kids Party Tips

Transitioning 3 kids to Veganism was not always easy, especially outside of the house where I couldn’t control the food being offered to them. Nightmare.
But over the last 3 years, we have figured out how to make this work for us. Now, you may not even want to try half of the suggestions I make and that is fine. The point is, you have options… and more importantly… this will all be fine. I promise.
For Some back story for us, when initially going vegan, the kids ate 100% vegan at home, and when we went out we would only buy them vegan food. When we were out with friends, if they were offered other food we would give them the choice. Again, I would have preferred them to not eat these things, but I also understood that saying Mum saying NO to chocolate or ice-cream at the age of 3 can seem unfair, and to be honest I wanted them to fit in.
With us talking to them about veganism and our choices the kids, very quickly all of our kids, started saying no to these options and soon enough they were all vegan, all the time.
  1. Eating before
    Feeding your kids before a party is always a good idea, if you’re unsure about the food situation, that way you can make sure they have eaten and won’t go hungry.
  2. Talk to your child before the event
    We always try to be super honest and explain that most events will not have vegan food. This way the child knows the food there just isn’t for them, and it’s not a big deal.
  3. Treats
    I always offer and sometimes bring a different treat so that my child doesn’t miss out on the cake or lollies at the party.
  4. Ask the host about food/ bring food
    If you feel comfortable with the host, ask what options they’ll have, or if you should bring one instead. This way you know that there is something your child can eat, also sharing the yummy vegan food around is a bonus. I’ve had people ask for me to bring vegan goodies for the entire party because of this!! (OMG Cauliflower bites!! Recipe here yes, please).
  5. Fast food Hacks
    I’ve learnt most McDonald’s kid’s parties or other fast food places, will let you change the burger for hashbrowns, or just extra chips on a meatless burger. This way your child doesn’t miss out and is just one of the kids.
  6. Let people know some easy vegan options
    Sometimes as a non-vegan, prepping vegan food can be daunting, let them know what is simple and available. For example, I’m sure my kids only ate only hot chips, Oreos and fruit for the first vegan year at parties. And that’s ok.
Being totally honest, I don’t think kids care to much about food at a party, they generally just want to play and we as parents, guilt ourselves and make ourselves feel like crap because our child had to do something slightly different. Its fine. They will get over it and it won’t even be a concern.
The only really annoying thing is other people making comments about your kids missing out. And the best way to make those people quite down is to see your kids choosing vegan option on their own and having a great fun time.
You’ve got this. And we are here to vent to if you haven’t just quite yet.
Xx. Sally
Earthling Child Mum
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