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The Only Vegan in the Village



Daunting… does that word even come close? Going against the grain, against what you knew, what your family taught you is tough. Becoming Vegan in this modern world, taking those first steps and taking a personal stand can feel like a lonely task and make you an outsider.

I was lucky, my husband was on board to try and that made a big difference. Yet still we were alone, our families thought… well… still thinks we are crazy. Sally don’t you know plants have feeling though? How can kids grow without protein? The fear that everyone was right, that I was not a forceful, bad parent… The google searches, the failed vegan dinner with children pretending to throw up to get out of eating… I’ve been there. It fucking sucked.

Through it all, we continued to try and to learn, and we got better. But being a family with vegan kids didn’t get any less lonely. I didn’t know any real life vegans, especially none with children.

Recently I’ve put myself out there, our little business, Earthling Child, means we have to front up to markets, meet and talk to other vegans… and to be honest it’s been scary, uncomfortable and amazing! Everyone has been so friendly and inviting, it has opened up a sense of community for me that I missed. I encourage all of you to search and connect with your local vegan families. Just having a place to vent and talk to other vegan families will do you a world of good. A place where Kids can see other kids being vegan and knowing that its normal, and it’s OK.

My articles, and our YouTube channel are exactly what this is about. I hope, even if we have different parenting styles to make you feel welcome and normal. Because being a parent who cares about their child’s future and teaching them these views, is what a caring normal parent looks like. And every parent deserves a community to help raise their child in.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, or any topics you’d like covered please let us know.

Just a mum with a thought.

Xx. Sally
Earthling Child Mum.

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